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FTTH rollout speeds matter as much as access speeds

Source: April 20, 2016   Daniel Tang, explains why FTTH rollouts need to happen faster, and why collaboration with municipal utility companies is key to speeding up rollouts...   Full Article>>

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Korea's DASAN Networks to merge with Zhone

Source: April 13, 2016   South Korean network equipment vendor DASAN Networks has arranged to acquire a controlling stake in US vendor Zhone Technologies via a merger of subsidiary companies. DASAN Networks and Zhone have agreed to merge subsidiaries DASAN Network Solutio

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Scientists push a record 57Gbps through fiber optic lines

Source: March 24, 2016   University of Illinois researchers report that they've set a record for fiber data transmission, delivering 57Gbps of error-free data. And importantly, they sent the data at room temperature -- they didn't have to cool things down to keep those bits

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