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Telefonica to triple top fibre speed to 300 Mbps - report

Source: March 23, 2015,   Telefonica is set to announce significant increases in the top speeds of its fibre-optic broadband lines in the coming weeks, according to a report in Spanish business daily Expansion. All FTTH consumers will see the speed of their connections automatically increased free of charge, with those subscribing to 10 Mbps broadband passing to 30 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload, while consumers subscribing to 100 Mbps plans will also have their do

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Network sharing agreements to play role in FTTH expansion

Source: March 20, 2015,   Fiber to the home (FTTH) advocacy group FTTH Council is aware of several Latin American operators discussing network-sharing to avoid duplicating infrastructure and to make their business case more affordable.   In this respect, operators can learn from the ongoing trend towards tower-sharing by mobile operators, said Héctor Moreno, chairman of the council's regulatory committee in Latin America.   The council's legisla

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Jazztel/Orange proposed remedies to help strengthen FTTH operators in Spain

Source: March 16, 2015,   Orange and Jazztel submitted access remedies to the European Commission (EC) which they believe would strengthen smaller fibre to the home (FTTH) operators in Spain, a source close to the process told this news service.   The merging parties were summoned to Brussels on 16 March for an oral hearing with representatives from the EC, third parties and national competition authorities.   Orange and Jazztel are seen confid

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French FTTH subs nudge 1m

Source: March 9, 2015,   Fibre to the Home (FTTH) continues to make a dramatic contribution to the French broadband market with a 67% increase year-on-year. Regulator ARCEP says that of December 31, 2014 there were 3.1 million superfast broadband subscriptions, an annual increase of over 50%. 935,000 of these were FTTH connections, representing a 67% increase on 2014. Moreover, the increase in superfast broadband has been mirrored by the first-ever reduction i

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CEC Liquid Telecom launches fibre to the home service providing fastest broadband speeds in Zambia

Source: February 24, 2015,   CEC Liquid Telecommunications Limited (CEC Liquid Telecom) today launches its Fibre To The Home (FTTH) service, over which homes and businesses of all sizes can access superfast broadband with unlimited data packages.   The FTTH Service will provide speeds of up to 100Mbps, the fastest broadband ever available in Zambia and indeed throughout Africa. It will provide Zambians with the Real Internet enabling businesses to use clou

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